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The Medium

Nicholas Mirandon has spent the past 45 years painting with the highest quality isophthalic resins and pigments, a medium that is extremely difficult to master.  Mirandon developed his own unique painting technique, hand-painting multi-layering of transparent, opaque, resin-based paints infused with moving metallics, creating one of a kind paintings & sculptures with amazing depth and a stained glass-like light interaction.

Because of the medium's complexity and unpredictability, Mirandon is one of very few artists who have attempted to investigate it.  Yet Mirandon, with technical brilliance, employs the remarkably transparent and luminous colors inherent in his resin paints he creates, bringing forth edifying moods of both subtlety and striking radiance.  This allows him to create works that mirror the beauty inherent in the environment and to emphasize the ways in which light and shadows reflect off of sky, water, and even air.  Mirandon's paintings capture the tempestuous intensity of waves or the multihued glow of the sky, the glassy surface acting as a window to commanding natural forms.

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