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​Nicholas Mirandon knew as a young child that he wanted to spend his life immersed in art.  Growing up in La Jolla, California, Nicholas Mirandon excelled in the arts, had an innate sense for design and possessed a powerful creativity.  He was also an outstanding athlete and waterman and his strong passion for the ocean and surfing in particular would lead him to discover his life's work with the resin medium.​​



In 1962, while working for Gordon and Smith surfboards in San Diego, California, he first envisioned using resin as a medium while creating color resin graphics and designs on surfboards.  It wasn't until 1967 that he created his first resin painting at his own La Jolla Surfboards in Del Mar, California.  For the next ten years, Nicholas developed his techniques and experimented with resin colors as an art form and in 1977, he dedicated himself entirely to the resin medium and began to show his work nationwide.​  Today,  Mirandon's work receives enthusiastic approval and praise whenever he shows it and has been a key feature in numerous galleries, major national art shows, and museum exhibitions.

1984, Making a painting

Mirandon's paintings astutely combine refinement and drama to convey emotional forces that are simultaneously serene and explosive.  Because of their dynamic characteristics, Mirandon's artwork reveals the ebb and flow of undulating ocean tides and ever-changing, shimmering lightscapes.​

Mirandon's paintings have a uniqueness that cause them to be living creations, ones that change mood and meaning as different lights fall onto them.  From morning until night, the art transforms so that with each passing hour a new image seems to appear.  
Mirandon's paintings replicate the spontaneity and wonder of nature so that those who own a Mirandon painting have in their environment a visionary creation that communicates daily creativity, peace, and unmatched energy.

Nicholas Mirandon

WindanSea. La Jolla, CA


Mirandon Gallery, 1979

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